Welcome to the George at Tiffield
Welcome to
the George at Tiffield
Happy New Year all. Here we go again with another break in service. But for now, please bear with us once more as we try to offer all we can for you during this time.

COMMUNITY SHOP - Open daily between 12-2

The shop is open again - apologies, it has taken some time to get stock flowing once more but from the 5th January we will have our warm sausage rolls and pasties to takeaway along with hot soup, coffee and tea to help you keep your strength up for your walks or simply to treat yourself to some lunch during these dreary winter days.

We'll keep stock of Whittlebury bread with devileries on Wednesdays and Saturdays, eggs from Greens Norton, milk, tea, coffee, sugar etc... PLEASE if there is anything you need and would buy on a regular basis then let us know. I realise we can't offer a full shop and you'll still need to go into the supermarkets but we're here to try to help you reduce those journeys on occasion.


We have a takeaway menu which you'll see on this website. Now we won't be offering everything on here, every day of the week so please check first before ordering. You can ring us, email or message on social media.

We have had the delivery of our lovely pie warmer which was very kindly bought using funds from the Parish Council. This is primarily for use in the community shop but I would like to remind people that we won't be fully stocking it just yet - as we have no idea how long this Tier 4 lockdown will continue, we need be incredibly mindful of wastage and that last thing I want to do it fill the pie warmer only to have to throw a load away at the end of the day.

So please understand that pre-orders are still most welcome and will help us keep sane in these times. It's going to be a real struggle for us with the indefinite closure and every penny really counts - and we continue to value ALL the support you are all offering us.

Usual rules apply with face coverings, hand sanitising and space in the shop. Stay safe all.

We're so pleased to be able to support local producers and you can find more information about them here:

The Little Bakery of Happiness

Friars Farm

Whittlebury Bakery

Thank you
Laura & Martin
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