Coronavirus update

How often have you heard any publican say 'STAY AT HOME'? Probably never - but it's most important that everyone respects the 'lockdown' and social distancing requirements if we are to beat the appalling Coronavirus pandemic and protect the lives of everybody (especially the amazing members of all the emergency and caring professions we are relying upon to 'see us through'). It's also vital to protect our precious NHS resources; goodness knows what state we'd all be in by now without them!

Keep in touch

In most communities the pubs, shops, post offices, schools, cafes and tearooms form an integral part of community social life. At the moment most of those opportunities for normal social interaction are simply not available. However, we still want to hear from you so we have decided:

  • to offer a limited 'takeaway' service for some drinks and food. You will find details of the days and times when these services are available on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please remember that food requests must be placed before 5:30pm on the day you want to collect your order. Also take great care at all times please to RESPECT THE RULES ON SOCIAL DISTANCING¬†if you are collecting from us.
  • to stop updating this website and rely instead on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to bring you such news and information as we can and which provides some degree of social interaction (should you want to 'join in'!)
  • to provide a simple means of contacting us should you wish to do so.

Contact us

  • through our accounts on Facebook Twitter ¬†
  • by using the form opposite to send us a message
  • by telephone as usual on 01327 350587
  • by email to


Keep safe and well and we hope to see you all again in the not-to-distant future

Cheers, Russ and Jane at The George


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